Fantastic waves and fishing in Pacifico!

Well here at Sailfishbay Surf and Fishing Lodge , we are very happy to report what has been a fantastic season on the surf front so far starting with September and October being months to remember !

 Huge waves and swells for a consistant period were reported to us at the Big Wish surf area Pacifico , seeing many tourists hitting the ocean , staying at the lodge and coming in from G.L. and Cloud Nine . with an average day seeing up to 30 surfers on the waves !

This has to go down as probably the best its been in many years with the locals and ex pat comunity saying it was unbelievable ,local businesses were very happy to enjoy the ever popular crowds coming in and enjoying the scene with the local surf guys mixing in with the spirit of the sport ,the surf still continues to be ridable right up until now late into November !

So if your still thinking of surfing on the island please contact the Lodge if you are planning a weekend and we will be more than pleased to sort  out your accomodation !

On another note the fishing again has picked up in the area with many boats being out at night catching huge tuna and vast shoals of squid on the new moon ,if you stay over at the Lodge make sure you go onto our balcony and enjoy the views of all the nightime boats as they come alive with there lighting , a sight to be seen on the dark moon !


Mahi Mahi and Wahoo again have been caught in good numbers in the past few weeks , after turning up later than normal in the season with good sized fish being reported as caught , so if you fancy trying to catch one of these species please feel free to contact us again to arrange your trip , its another opportunity to come to Pacifico and enjoy the surrounding beauty !

This year has seen a record number of tourists come into San Isidro and Pacifico , and are now finding out what this area has to offer with alot of returning guests showing for there second year and more!

So why not come and see whats on offer you certainly will not forget this tranquil location !



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thank you for the informative article...

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