Dapa National High School

Dapa National High School

Dapa National High School started its humble beginning as Dapa Barangay High School way back 1972. The school with only about 200 students was located at Dapa Central Elementary School.

Just before the advent of the new society, under the age of Martial law, many social changes came sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. Stresses of varying degrees particularly in political and economic structures have been felt by people from different levels especially those of low profile status in depressed areas. While these prevailing stresses were keeping ahead, DAPA BARANGAY HIGH SCHOOL, the forerunner of the present day school, had to cling tenaciously to survive from her being newly created and established institution. This was established in 1967 but classes started in June 1968 with an initial enrolment of 42 of which were children of indigent and poor parents.

The establishment of the school was through the efforts of the incumbent Mayor Blas B. Cervantes with the help of the majority of the barangay leaders of the municipality. Fortunately, it was at this time when the Division of Siargao was created with Mr. Jesus P. Catre as the first designated Provincial Superintendent of Schools of the said division.

To satisfy the educational and social need of the people of Dapa and its environs, he utilized the services of Mr. Hernando S. Navarro and Mr. PelagioAlmaden who were at that time vocational teachers of Dapa Central Elementary School to organize the classes following the contents of the old curriculum.

In view of lack and or unavailability of qualified teachers to teach in the newly created Barangay High School, Mr. AdventinoGopico , the Principal of Dapa Central Elementary School and District Supervisor Pablo S. Consigna utilized further the services of the elementary school teachers in the persons of Mr. I. Yangson and Mrs. D. Murillo in addition to Mr. H. Navarro and Mr. P. Almaden . These teachers served as part-timers of the school and were truly considered the pioneer of our present-day National High School.

The following year, the Barangay High School with an increase enrolment of 102 students was changed into Municipal High School through the efforts exerted by the incumbent Mayor Blas B. Cervantes after being advised by the Superintendent J. Catre for the financial set-up. This was not materialized because the barangay at that time could not financially sustain in maintaining the salaries of the teachers and employees and the physical maintenances as well considering the increase of enrolment and the need for additional hiring of new and permanent teachers.

Years after, the continuous increase in enrolment under the leaderships of Mrs. Clotilde Navarro –Abrena and Mrs. Corazon Flores who acted simultaneously as Officer In Charge of the school necessitated employment of more teachers.

In the early part of 1977, the school was converted into a National High School, DAPA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL by an approved BatasangPambansa authored by IBP Hon. Constantino C. Navarro, Sr. through the recommendation of Superintendent Francisco Mendoza. The nationalization of the school from Municipal High School consequently led to the transfer of the same at the back of Municipal building donated by Ex-Mayor Blas B. Cervantes and Hon. Constantino C. Navarro, Sr.

(Source: dapanhs)

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