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Siargao is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea situated 800 kilometers southeast of Manila in the province of Surigao del Norte. It is composed of 48 islands and islets-politically divided into nine municipalities: Burgos, Dapa, Del Carmen, Gen. luna, Pilar, San Benito, San Isidro, Santa Monica, and Socorro. Read more...

Siargao Islands website has been start developed since 2005 for an IRC chat undernet server channel #siargao site. With a number of Siargaonon members here and abroad, it showcases the heritage and tourism of Siargao Islands. Due to the increasing and growing popularity, the site has to have its own domain name www.SiargaoIslands.com. The website is updated regularly through contributions from different sources i.e. the local government, non-governmental organizations, private companies, social media, site member and statistically.

However, this website is propelled by the passion and dedication individually. dUdEs_101, a native of the Siargao Islands a place of Surfing Capital of the Philippines, desires to share the talents and to show the world the remarkable beauty of the Islands.

dUdEs_101 needless to say, this site is for you... Siargao has a lot to offer and it’s more fun in the Philippines.

For fellow Siarganon's and Filipinos around the world... this is something that you are surely proud of!

Maradjao karadjao, Siargao!


Best Regards,

Webmaster / Site Owner


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