Siargao Organics

Siargao Organics

SIARGAO ORGANICS is a new project based on the island of Siargao, Philippines. A bio-dynamic based organic farming co-operative whose mission is sustainable food production in co-operation with local small family farmers.

Healthy soils, healthy foods and healthy people through responsible organic practices. Siargao Island is blessed with areas of high quality soils blessed with a tropical climate. Because of economic challenges there is little farming production beypond the sustenance level. Siargao Organics seeks not only to to create and empower the local population through investment and training in bio-dynamic farming methods but also to curb the islands dependance on outside foods sources which are high priced, environmentally unsound and contain high levels of toxic pesticides and herbicides. Siargao is a delicate ecologically area with a high percentage of mangrove wetlands as well as a marine environment whose corals and reefs are extremely sensitive to pesticide runoff. Siargao Organics is founded and funded by a group from California USA with a long connection to organic farming in the USA, Mexico and Costa Rica. 


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