Walking in this bridge brings you closer to the mangrove habitat

Del Carmen Boardwalk

"The Del Carmen Mangrove Boardwalk"

Walking in this bridge brings you closer to the mangrove habitat. The wide species of birds living in the mangrove forest of Del Carmen is just breath taking. The ecosystem is still intact despite of the people living near the mangrove forest. It was very cloudy that weekend that is why I failed to capture what I imagine to portray of this place beauty. But the experience I had spending hours just to observe the wildlife in this place is price less, waking up early in the morning just to witness and observe how the birds and marine life feed. I felt blessed to have experience this scenery and wild life which soon will never be appreciated by my sons and the future generations due to a fast pace urbanization and climate change. I am hoping that tourist and people will RESPECT other species habitat by not throwing garbage in to the sea and stop cutting mangroves for their own use.

Photo Credit: Jicko Andanar Photography

Location: Del Carmen, Siargao Islands, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

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